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2016-11-22 20:58:29 by YourManAlexSmith

Hey everyone!

I'm actually a user from waaaaaaay back in 2006 but wanted to make a new account just for voice acting and promoting my music which you can listen to here or watch here

I'm always keen to work on stuff so feel free to message me :D


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2016-11-23 05:49:09

Old account still around? Welcome again! :)

YourManAlexSmith responds:

Thanks very much ^_^ Used to be WAAANIMATION


2016-11-24 04:21:48

Oh man, looks like I'm one of your old fans! :D Nice. Should do a shout-out to let all the users who followed you back then know... unless you're trying to get a new and anonymous presence here. ;) Anyway, cool to see you're still around.

YourManAlexSmith responds:

Oh really? That's awesome! And yeah that' s a great idea!


2016-11-24 10:55:06

For real. Proof might be on the Wayback if you doubt. ;) What happened to your animation route though? All audio work the past... eight years?